The Brain’s Natural Pleasure Centre Series | Part 1

You may have heard of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) being described as the “Art and science of Excellence” This is a good description and NLP also solves problems for people. In this article I want to talk to you about why NLP is so effective why the results are so permanent.

Chemicals producing the “magic” in NLP

A lot of the “magic” in NLP has to do with how using it stimulates chemical interactions in the body and how it helps produce the feel-good chemical called dopamine.

Dopamine is produced in several areas in our body. It is a feel-good chemical and it is also a component of some highly addictive drugs. In itself it is highly addictive, and we produce it naturally all the time in our body when we’re having fun.

NLP techniques are designed to be fun. They are fun to do yourself. They are fun to carry out with other people and the key point here is that when you are having fun you get addicted to the fun that you are having.

Have fun with NLP | Release the chemicals

One of the reasons that NLP change is so permanent and works so quickly is that when you have fun carrying out a technique of NLP, doing the technique, you feel good at the end of it and then (therefore) you want more of it.

When you want more of something then you repeat the behaviour. In NLP the techniques of change often involve a series of thought patterns. These thought patterns may be what you want to change, or they may lead to a behaviour. In this case, change the thought patterns and the behaviour changes.

If you have got behaviour that you are carrying out that you don’t want but it makes you feel good then it is probably producing dopamine for you, in your body.

You won’t necessarily be doing it deliberately! All the same it is producing dopamine and that is going to make you want more!

NLP is about designing new behaviours that replace previous behaviours that you don’t want. Designing behaviours that you do want, having fun designing them and having fun creating the thought patterns in your brain.

This produces dopamine for you, and you want more of it!

Pleasure Centres in your brain | Producing Dopamine

So one of the reasons that change takes place is because of the dopamine attraction and the desire for this dopamine reaction within your body. This takes place automatically and you find yourself going after the same behaviour that produced the feel-good factor the first time around.

So in summary, you do something and it works in NLP, you do a technique and it works. You have fun doing it. It makes you want more of it, doesn’t it?

Your brain will automatically take you through this cycle.

This is one of the intriguing things that happens in the brain. It happens as part of a so-called Pleasure Centre in your brain:

You carry out a behaviour. It makes you feel good. One of the reasons it makes you feel good is because you experience a dopamine shower!

The dopamine is produced by a pleasure centre in your brain and it has the effect like a shower. It showers your brain in dopamine. It goes throughout your brain and down through your body.

It makes you feel good and it is addictive. Therefore you want more of it. You can relate to this, can’t you. If you have fun doing something then you want to do it again.

This is one of the reasons why NLP is so effective because it appeals to these internal Pleasure Centres in your brain which in turn produce the dopamine which makes you feel good and you want to do the technique again. You want to have the thought patterns again. You want the behaviour again and so you repeat it.

If you are focusing on positive thoughts and what you want, which is what NLP will help you do then this is all going to help you to produce and reproduce good behaviour.

NLP is about producing a template in your mind for what you want and then going after it.

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